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What's the purpose of the webtool?

This webtool is intended to help students, educators, employers, and policymakers make more informed decisions about careers, curriculum, and public policy. Here are examples of how to make the most of this tool.

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Scenario 1 - Finding the best location to expand

Suppose an assisted-living provider plans to expand its services to patients with dementia and Alzheimer's disease and recruit a large number of highly skilled registered nurses.

  • Step 1. Click the "By Occupation" tab on the home page.
  • Step 2. Select the year "2010," type "Registered Nurses" into the search bar, and then click "Submit."
  • Step 3. Select "at least a bachelor's degree" from the drop-down menu, and then click "Submit."

What's it mean? The employer would find that the percentage of registered nurses with at least a bachelor's degree is highest in the San Jose area, followed by the San Francisco, New York, and Boston metros. However, San Jose has the highest average salary ($117,590)—much higher than Boston's average ($89,355). Armed with this information, the employer may decide to recruit or expand in Boston instead of San Jose.